Pulling Weeds by the Light of the Silvery Moon

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Moonlight GardeningIt’s five thirty in the morning, I’m awake, I’ve been eating a little too much, and this is a perfect way to punish myself. So I get up and decide I’m going to go pull some weeds. Ah, it’s a little dark. However, the moon is pretty full and, with a little squinting, I can see what I’m doing. So off I go and start to clear more of the three year old mulch beds. A little weird but, hey, I’m down almost thirty pounds. Well, at least that was yesterday morning. This morning, I’m more like down twenty-five pounds. Want to know how I gained five pounds in two days? Read on.

My wife decided we needed to go to a trade show for women and, to save money, she packed some food. Cucumbers, lettuce, turkey sandwiches, tomatoes, diet Dr. Pepper, and cookies. Not just any old cookie: these are your everyday EIGHTY calories each cookies. So there I am, watching people go by, ignoring me and not making eye contact. I guess they’re afraid I’ll talk to them. Anyway… bored. So I think it would be nice if I had something to eat to pass the time away. I grabbed the cucumbers. If you believe that, please come over; I have many things to sell you. No, I grabbed the cookies! Just one, please…at a time, that is. Before the day was over, I had eaten about ten of those. Not a single cucumber! This is my problem; when choosing between cookies and cucumbers, the cookies win every time. Then, after the trade show, it was time for supper. But it gets complicated. We’re supposed to meet our youngest son, who has become a vegetarian (his nagging has helped me eat more cucumbers.) So, the plan was that we would meet at an eastern restaurant where he could get vegetarian. Problem is, they close at nine. We get there at eight-thirty, minus one son. The waiter gives us a stern look and tells us the kitchen closes at eight-forty-five. Seems to me the sign should have said “CLOSES AT EIGHT-FORTY-FIVE!” So, text, phone, text, phone. No, our son will not make it by eight-forty-five and even if he did, who wants to eat while a waiter hovers over saying, “Doors close at nine sharp!”

We decide to go to where our son is and wait for him to get done so we can decide where else we can go to get vegetarian. Do you know how much sugar you have to put in a cookie to get it to eighty calories?! I’m starving! Finally, we decide to go to Monterrey’s, a Mexican restaurant where you can order fajitas without the meat. Are you serious? Anyway, they bring out chips and salsa. I eat the whole basket and ask for more. Then, when it’s time to order, I order the Texas fajitas and ate the whole thing! There is a responsible side of me but all it could do was say, tomorrow morning you’re going to get up at five am and burn this off!

So here I am. pulling weeds by the light of the silvery moon.

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