Paint Splat!

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A few years back I heard a great plan for figuring out who the bad guys are on the road. It went like this: everyone would be given a paintball gun and could shoot anyone who did something stupid or rude. So, instead of honking or flipping the bird, you’d shoot the bad guy’s car with your paint gun. People would only be allowed to clean their car once a month. The guy who drives in the closed right hand lane past everyone and then sneaks back in the left lane like he’s so much more important than the rest of us… Paint Splat! The guy who waits a nano second at the red light and then honks for you to move on… Paint Splat! The guy who comes up behind you going eighty miles an hour and rides your bumper even though you can’t get out of the way… Paint Splat! The guy in the left lane going fifty in a seventy mile an hour zone, forcing everyone to go around him… Paint Splat! Feel free to come up with your own variations on the theme. We all know that, from time to time, we make driving mistakes but, over time, sheer probability would expose the bad guys. Not sure what we’d ultimately do with them, but how cool would it be to know who the bad guys are? Maybe you could only get your car cleaned if you went to remedial training…

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