Let’s take a day off!

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After nearly two months of gardening every day for two to three hours, I took a day off. They say the right exercise schedule is one day on and on day off, but I figure early humans could not do that, and animals can’t do that, so why would it be any different for me? Admittedly, I’m not doing heavy weightlifting and tearing up muscles–although my body might beg to differ. So far, I’m holding at 278 pounds. Up a pound, down a pound, and so on. I am curious to know what my body thinks of all this. I have the feeling I’m really replacing fat with muscle, because my clothes fit better, yet the scales say I’m at the same weight. I dropped a pants size, which is not all that much, but it sure is encouraging. Anyway, right or wrong, I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

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